Age of Sigmar: Aether War

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Aether War brings you to the heart of the Spiral Crux in a battle for profit, plunder and arcane secrets. Like other battleboxes, this jam-packed set contains two armies, brand-new Heroes and lore, alongside rules for gaming with it all. But unlike other battleboxes, Aether War has a twist – everything in the box can fly, and all the games you play use the updated airborne battles system found in the box.

This set contains a vast array of Kharadron Overlords and Disciples of Tzeentch models, including two new champions available for the first time in this set! The Endrinmaster with Dirigible Suit is ideal for accompanying your Endrinriggersinto battle and keeping pace with the ships he’s assigned to repair, while the Magister on Disc of Tzeentch allows you to flit around the battlefield zapping enemies into Chaos Spawn. Aether War is brilliant for starting or expanding a Tzeentch or Kharadron Overlords army